Updates from Beneath: June 2021 – Github, tutorials, and more

The past month we’ve been busy crafting more content about Beneath. Here are some of the highlights 👇

Beneath on Github

We’ve completely revamped the Beneath repo on Github. If you like what you see, we’d really appreciate a star ⭐️ to help other people discover the project!

Here’s what’s changed on Github:

  1. We moved all the code, docs, and client libraries into one monorepo on Github
  2. We completely rewrote the README to properly introduce and demo Beneath, explain our vision and roadmap, and help people get started and find help
  3. We licensed the source code under the Business Source License (BSL), an “eventually open-source” license that permits free use for anything but large-scale deployments of Beneath

Here’s the repo: github.com/beneath-hq/beneath.

Turn a Pandas DataFrame into an API

Turning a Pandas DataFrame into an API

Eric has just published a new blog post on dev.to about how you can use Beneath to turn a Pandas data frame into a full-fledged API with a single line of Python code. It’s pretty neat and also includes a useful script to analyze Git commits data. Check it out here.

Evolution of a data system

We often talk about making it easier to put data science into production. But what does “production” really mean and why can it be so hard for analytics and data science projects?

To better showcase that, we wrote a blog post that illustrates what the conventional path looks like for turning a machine learning model into a production data app by laying out the design and evolution of a simple Reddit analytics tool. Read it here.

Machine learning quick starts

We’ve published a handful of new quick starts, including two for putting machine learning into production with Beneath:

We’ve also updated several other quick starts with small helper videos.

Other things

We’ve made a lot of small UX changes and improvements to the Beneath web console and client libraries. One itch we’ve finally scratched is letting you manage organization and project membership directly in the web console! We’ve also updated our landing page with better graphics and simpler messaging.

That’s it for now

Thanks for tuning in! As always, if you are considering using Beneath for your next project or have any other questions, you’re very welcome to contact us.

Until next time 👋