The entire source code for Beneath is publicly available on Gitlab, however, it does not currently meet the definition of “open source”.

In the long term, we want to pursue an open-core model, in which a version of Beneath with all the core features is open source. However, at this early stage, we don’t yet think we have the experience or counsel to confidently structure that correctly. We want as many people as possible to benefit from Beneath, and we also want a viable business model that allows us to continue promoting and improving Beneath.

Thus, with the exception of the Beneath client libraries, the source code is not currently subject to any license, which means we retain the sole copyright. The client libraries are published under the MIT license and do meet the definition of “open source” – so you can freely integrate with Beneath in any software product, including in commercial software. See the LICENSE file for details.

What does this mean for contributors? It means that if you want to contribute to the core platform, we will need you to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

We’re aware that the license situation is not ideal, so please don’t hesitate to reach out (via the Issues page) if you want to help, or have any feedback or concerns you want to share.