What to work on

We currently mainly expect people with a relationship to our organization to contribute, but if you’re interested in contributing to Beneath, we’ll welcome you with open arms! Follow these steps to get something to work on:

  • First read the License page to understand the current uncertainty relating to how your work will be licensed
  • Browse the Issues page to find or submit a problem (bugfix or feature) you want to work on
  • Comment on the issue and declare your interest in helping out – we’ll then get in touch with you to coordinate your contribution

Submitting changes

  • Before getting started, read through the pages in this folder to learn more about the architecture of the codebase
  • You should fork the beneath repository and make your changes on your own fork
  • When you’re done, create a merge request in this repository linking to your fork (noting the issue the merge request relates to)
  • We’ll review your contributions and work with you to merge it into our master branch