Welcome to the Beneath documentation!

These pages explain both Beneath’s high-level features and the technical details of how to operate it. They’re intended to give the majority of readers a comfortable understanding of Beneath.

The documentation is organized as follows:

  • Introduction. Describes Beneath’s core features and the main technical concepts it builds upon.
  • Quick starts. Provides several hands-on tutorials that you can use to get started with Beneath quickly.
  • Managing resources. Details the different resources you can create and manage in Beneath and how to access them through both the Beneath Console and the Beneath CLI.
  • Reading and writing data. Covers creating, reading and writing data streams, including integrations like Python and BigQuery.
  • Transforming data. Describes methods for transforming existing streams to derive new streams.
  • Billing & Usage. Documents how Beneath monitors usage and calculates your monthly bill.
  • Miscellaneous. Contains pages that don’t fit elsewhere, such as the FAQ.
  • Contributing. Covers in details how Beneath is architected, how the codebase is structured, and how to setup a development environment to contribute new features to Beneath. This section is intended for the Beneath team and other project contributors, not for end users.

We make our best effort to make the documentation easy to understand. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also use our Issues page to suggest changes to the docs.