Data sharing

How you can use Beneath to bridge data between colleagues, external partners and the public

In Beneath, it’s a flip of a switch to give a person, an organization, a service or the whole world access to one of your streams. The people you share access with will enjoy all the power of Beneath and you don’t have to worry about them running up a planet-scale bill on your behalf.

Better than just an API

When you give someone (or the public!) access to your streams, they don’t just get access through one inadequate API. Instead, they get first-class access to all Beneath features for the stream. That means log replay and streaming, data warehouse queries, low-latency index lookups, access in the Beneath Console, etc.

Don’t worry about scalability or costs

On Beneath, all users are accountable for their own data consumption (with a free monthly quota), so you don’t have to worry about excessive interest causing your quotas to be exhausted. Beneath also has a good mix of scalability and safety features built in, which ensure that performance doesn’t suffer even though many people are using a stream simultaneously.

One source-of-truth

We love this feature because it allows everyone to work off of one copy of the data, one source-of-truth. We think this feature will be useful in many of the places where people today integrate with an API just to copy data into their own systems for processing. Which in turn creates transparency around how data is derived and accessed across the community.