Share your data

A guide to updating project-level access controls

Time required: 1 minute.

This quick-start assumes you’ve already installed the Beneath SDK, assumes that you have a Beneath project with a data stream, and assumes you have a Professional plan, which allows for private projects.

Permissions for Beneath data is managed at the project level. So, in order to share a data stream with someone, you need to give that person view permissions for the entirety of the data stream’s project.

Add a user to the project

If you have admin permissions for the project, you can run from your command line:

beneath project update-permissions ORGANIZATION_NAME/PROJECT_NAME USERNAME --view true --create true --admin false 


  • You can allow anyone to view your data stream, and you don’t have to worry about their usage affecting your bill. As long as the other user is in a different organization (which is the case by default), you won’t be billed for any of their activity!