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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Beneath for?

Beneath is for developers and data scientists who want to quickly build and productionize analytics applications.

Beneath is a robust but simple-to-use data system that allows data workers to skip the typical data engineering headaches and instead immediately focus on their data analytics.

What is the Beneath Data Terminal?

The Data Terminal is the canonical interface to data streams on Beneath.

The Data Terminal functions as a data stream browser: you can view all public data on the platform and you can view all your private data.

You can view and query live data streams. You can manage access controls. You can monitor stream uptime and usage. You can get automatically-generated live data APIs for each of your streams. It’s free to check it out for yourself

What is the Beneath Python SDK?

The Python SDK is the client library through which developers and data scientists create and interact with data streams on Beneath.

The SDK makes it easy to create streams, deploy data transformations, and pull data into Jupyter notebooks for ad-hoc analysis.

Especially useful is the ability to replay and synchronize data streams.

Look at the full documentation here.

What are Beneath's "core features"?

The Free plan and all billing plans include:

  • Data Terminal: Beneath’s all-encompassing user interface for your organization’s streaming data.
  • Python SDK: Create streams, deploy models, and interact with data streams on Beneath. Includes the ability to do both stream Replay and Sync.
  • Data Warehouse: Every data stream is available on Google BigQuery for ad-hoc analysis.
  • Realtime data API: Low-latency data API to easily integrate your data stream with your front-end or other systems.
  • Data pipeline best practices: Every data stream benefits from compression, encryption-in-transit, and encryption-at-rest.

How does the overage payment model work?

For the Professional and Corporate plans, you are allotted monthly quotas for both Reads and Writes.

At the beginning of each month, you are charged your plan’s base price.

At the end of the month, if your Read or Write usage exceeds your monthly quota, then you will be charged an “overage” fee.

The fee is simply calculated. For both Reads and Writes:

overageFee = (usageGB - quotaGB) * overagePrice/GB

Is Beneath secure? Where is my data stored?

Yes! Beneath uses Google Cloud as its infrastructure backbone. Beneath benefits from all the best security practices that Google prides itself on.

If you want Beneath’s user experience, but you would like to own the infrastructure yourself, Beneath Enterprise is right for you.

Check out the docs for more info