Data streams you can replay, subscribe, query, and share

Beneath combines streaming with data warehousing, indexing, monitoring, and sharing in one developer-friendly platform. And we're just getting started.

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Streams packed with powerful features

Beneath's streams are a great primitive for analytics apps with unified log storage, data warehousing and indexes.

Replay and subscribe

Replay historical data and subscribe to changes with at-least-once delivery. Perfect for live dashboards and real-time data enrichment.

Analyze with SQL

Analyze and aggregate historical data in seconds with SQL. Great for business intelligence and ad-hoc exploration.

Indexed lookups

Fast lookups for indexed records lets you connect Beneath directly to your frontend or API, and serve requests in milliseconds.

Programmable with Python and more

Beneath has a first-class Python SDK, and also offers JS and React clients, REST and websocket APIs, and a CLI.

Easy to integrate and share

It's easy and safe to share your projects. All users get access to the full Beneath toolkit – and you don't have to worry about running up a bill on their behalf.

Discover and explore on the web

In the Beneath web console, you can browse streams and schemas, query data, monitor usage, find code snippets, and more.

Dead easy data sharing

Flip a switch to share access with teammates, partners, or the public. Every user gets the full Beneath toolkit, and their own free quotas to read and write data.

One source of truth

Say goodbye to copying data into your own systems for processing. Beneath lets everyone work on the same source of truth, which prevents inconsistent results and creates transparency around how data is used.

Data quality and monitoring

Defining and monitoring data quality is an important and overlooked best-practice in data science.

Schema enforcement

Define stream schemas and document fields with GraphQL or Avro. Share documented data and consume streams with predictable and enforced data types.

Usage dashboards

Get real-time usage dashboards for streams, users, organizations and services. Track read, write and scan activity and monitor for anomalies.

Service accounts

Create service accounts for production code with custom access permissions and usage quotas, and a dedicated usage dashboard.

Data versioning

Streams can have many versions, which comes in handy for batch-updated datasets and smoothly re-building derived streams.

Envisioning a unified data platform

Our vision is to create a developer experience that gives data scientists the power to turn ad-hoc analytics into data-driven applications without engineers.

We're just getting started

Streams are the primitive we’re building upon to fulfill our vision. Read our vision and roadmap to learn where we’re headed.

Transparent development

The entire codebase for Beneath is public on GitHub, where you can also follow issues and new feature development.

Engage with us

We’re ready to help you get started, and would love to get your input on our future roadmap. Join our Discord or shoot us an email.

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