Serverless real-time data platform

Streams you can replay and subscribe to, query with SQL, index and filter, and serve as an API.

Easy to monitor, version, and share safely. Built for real-time analytics and production data science.

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Turbocharged streams

Write data once, get unified log streaming, data warehousing, and low-latency lookups

Replay history and subscribe to changes

Perfect for live dashboards and real-time data enrichment

Analyze with SQL (OLAP)

Great for customer dashboards and your own BI

Indexed lookups

Connect Beneath directly to your frontend, and serve data in milliseconds

Programmable with Python and more

Python, JS, React, REST, Websocket, and a CLI – you name it

Easy to integrate and share

One source of truth that everyone can work off

Explore and monitor on the web

Browse streams, query data, monitor usage, and more

Stream-specific code snippets

Copy and paste code snippets to get started in seconds

Dead easy data sharing

Flip a switch to share data with your teammates or the public

One source of truth

Everyone gets the full toolkit, and their own free data quotas

Data governance and data quality management

Governance, baby. So easy to skip, so handy when it's right there.

Schema enforcement

Define and document schemas to get predictable datasets

Data versioning

Great for batch-updated datasets and re-building derived streams

Real-time usage dashboards

Track granular activity for streams, users, organizations and services

Service accounts

Set custom permissions and usage quotas for your production code

Stop worrying about analytics infrastructure

Our goal is to be the only tool you need to build analytics and machine learning products

Beneath runs the infrastructure

And does whatever it takes to give you a serverless data experience

Built on scalability data technologies

Under the hood, Beneath uses reliable systems for scalability and correctness

Much more is coming

Serverless streams are just the beginning. Learn more on Github.

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