Data streams you can replay, subscribe, query, and share

Beneath is a serverless storage platform for data streams. Beneath stores your data and adds a smart toolkit to make it easy to create real-time analytics applications.

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Explore some public data streams on Beneath

Do more with your data streams

Start your project with a full stream toolkit from day 1.

Replay and subscribe!

Replay historical data into your models and stay synced with at-least-once guarantees. Read more.

Strong schemas

Enforce good data quality with strong schemas


Understand your read and write usage in an easy graphical interface. See the Beneath Console.


Gracefully handle stream evolution as your transformation logic evolves over time.

Query with SQL

Explore your data with Beneath’s SQL Editor, or connect your favorite business intelligence tool like Metabase.

Collaborate and integrate

Give everyone access to your data - with the tools they know

Dead easy data sharing

Flip a switch to give data access to teammates, third parties, or the world. No data transport costs. Read more.

Data catalogue

Organize your streams in a hierarchical structure and provide descriptions to give context to your collaborators.

Python, Javascript, and React SDKs

Develop your data streams in Python and integrate them into your frontend with Javascript or React.

REST and Websocket APIs

Subscribe to, query, and integrate your data anywhere.

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Transparent development

The entire codebase for Beneath is public on Gitlab, where you can also follow issues and new feature development.

Beneath for exceptional users

If you need to do more with Beneath, we've got you covered. Upgrade to get higher data quotas, advanced features and better support.


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  • 1 GB writes/month
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  • 10 GB writes/month
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