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  • All core features
  • 5 GB reads/month
  • 1 GB writes/month
  • 100 GB scans/month
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  • All core features
  • Multi-user organizations
  • Priority email support
  • 50 GB reads/month (then $0.25 per GB)
  • 10 GB writes/month (then $1.00 per GB)
  • 1 TB scans/month (then $0.04 per GB)
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  • All pro features
  • Custom quotas
  • Hands-on support
  • On-premise options
  • Professional services
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are read, write and scan usage calculated?

For reads and writes, the usage in bytes is calculated as the total Avro-encoded bytes transferred. Avro is a very compact encoding, so you can expect to get a higher mileage out of your Beneath quota than you might expect. For warehouse query scans, the usage is based on the number of bytes loaded in a compressed columnar format. See the Usage docs for more.

How does the overage payment model work?

If you select a plan with overage enabled, your monthly bill will include the next period’s base fee and the previous periods’s overage. If you did not exceed your plan’s base quota, you will not be charged for overage. See the Billing docs for more.

Is there a hard cap on my usage?

If your plan allows overages, there’s still a hard cap to prevent massive bills. The hard caps are shown when you upgrade. If you need higher hard caps, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

Where is my data stored and is Beneath secure?

Beneath uses Google Cloud as the hosting provider for all infrastructure, and a few other providers for payment and support (click here for a full list). The data you store in Beneath never leaves Google’s servers. We take great care to implement Google’s best practices for security and are constantly working on improving data security.

If you want to control the infrastructure yourself, we offer the opportunity to host Beneath on-premise. Please contact us to chat more about this option.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes we do! For customers where Beneath is a good technology choice, we can help you get your entire data project going – including data science and integration with your current systems. Contact us and we’ll setup a first meeting.