Install the Beneath SDK

A guide to connecting from your local machine

Install and authenticate with Beneath from your local machine to use the CLI (command-line interface) or to use Beneath in Python.

Install with pip

Run the following command at the terminal to install Beneath. You must have Python 3.7 or greater installed.

pip3 install --upgrade beneath

Create a command-line secret

To authenticate with Beneath from the command-line, you need a command-line secret:

  1. Go to the web Console, and log in or create an account
  2. Navigate to the “Secrets” page by clicking on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Under “Create personal secret”, enter a description and create a secret with “Full (CLI)” access
  4. Highlight and copy your secret from the green box

Authenticate your local environment

Run the following command, replacing SECRET with the secret you just obtained from the web console:

beneath auth SECRET

Now, when you use Beneath on your local machine (such as the CLI or in Python), it will automatically authenticate with this secret.

Docs for the CLI

To get an overview of the CLI, run:

beneath --help

To learn more about a specific command, run:

beneath SUBCOMMAND --help

Docs for the Python client

We recommend you check out the next quick start to get started with the Beneath client for Python, but if you want the full details about available classes and functions, you can also check out the Python client API reference.